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Why Drive Service Company?

Founded in 1986, Drive Service Company was started to fill a need for a hard disk drive repair facility which offered faster service, a higher success rate, and a more adequate customer support team than any other such organization. Over the next several years the number of drives in existence multiplied causing the need for extended support including data recovery as an option.
Today, the need for data recovery has grown to the point where the need for a well established company specializing in this service is required. While we have long since discontinued our repair services, our main focus is now data recovery and getting our clients up and running with minimal down-time. Quite often we return the drive and or the data itself in 'Plug and Play' condition whenever possible. No other data recovery company we are aware of does this or can claim this. We also have ethics, unlike most other companies out there. We price our data recoveries based on the actual problem and time involved. We do not have stockholders to keep happy, so we are not forced to charge outrageous fees to stay in business! Our customer service team does not make commision, so they are not pressured to get the most they can from you, the client.

Our services and commitments to you...

... are not only to become a part of your organization's disaster recovery plan but to come to the rescue of also the home user in times of crisis.
Our technology, technical experience and knowhow, and reasonable rates make Drive Service Company™ a leader, not a competitor in the industry. Beware of some of those other 'Offtrack' organizations who charge up to 3 times the amount that we do. Remember, we do not charge you for our analysis! We do all work right here in-house, and have our very own cleanroom (class 100) environment for those drives that require internal work.

When disaster strikes :-(

If you become a victim of data loss due to hard drive failure, a virus, or any other disaster, what should you do?

Do not try to operate your computer. In cases such as head crash, this will only exacerbate the problem. Beware of using disk utilities such as Norton Disk Doctor, Chkdsk, Scandisk, Vrepair, or Fsck as these types of software can be destructive to your data in all but the hands of the most capable and experienced professionals. Call the data recovery specialists - Drive Service Company™. Never trust your valuable data to amateurs or tinkerers in data recovery or even your local service shop as most standard technicians do not have any data recovery training and can also ruin the chances for a successful recovery especially if they open the drive. Do not allow any technicians to run utilities if your data is of any importance to you. Many will do this without your knowledge, so you must specifically ask that utilities not be run. Above all, do not attempt to open the disk drive!
We have one of the highest success rates in the industry at about 75-80 percent and have been trusted with the data of such organizations as IBM, Coca-Cola, U.P.S., and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as well as students, schools, universities, hospitals and banks not to mention countless others. Your data is completely safe with us and will remain completely confidential at all times. A confidentiality form can be provided if need be. If you have deleted a file, turn your computer off immediately by pulling the power cord on a desktop or the battery on a notebook. Even shutting the PC down can overwrite the file without your knowledge.

How long will it take?

For those who use their computers for business, the hidden cost of data recovery is down-time. The quicker you are up and running, the less money you lose to being down. Diagnosis takes between 1-3 working days from the time we receive the media. DSC has one of the quickest turn-around times in the business, with many data recoveries completed within 48 hours. Priority and emergency service is available at an additional cost. For a super-quick priority analysis without waiting 3-5 days, a fee of $200.00 is charged for an answer within just 1 working day (6-8 working hours) or sooner (from the time we get the unit). If you need emergency service, please call us for complete details. Emergency service means we don't stop until the recovery is done! RAID and NAS recoveries can take longer to diagnose due to multiple drive configurations.

How much will it cost?

DSC has very reasonable rates to complement our expert service and quick turn-around. Some of our competitors charge as much as 2 or 3 times our rates plus up to a $200 fee just for a regular analysis! Please call for a free data recovery quote as every situation is different! If we can't recover your data there will be NO fee except for return shipping (except in the case of sophisticated network server installations i.e. RAID or NAS).

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